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Sigma Technology Co., Ltd. (Provider of medical wearable device solutions)The company for preventive medicine research and development, production of “ PPG/ SpO2 /ECG“ smart health bracelet" and related products. Integrating various professional algorithms, according to various excellent sensors, our company has independently developed algorithm programs to realize the application in different fields, import AI algorithms according to the needs of customers, and conduct statistics, prediction and analysis of big data. In the design of system components, it can sense the changes of important parts and regions of human body. For example, ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, temperature, respiration and the changes of human subtle movements. It can also be used in wireless remote home safety care, various physiological data monitoring, and various action detection, analysis, reminder and warning. With the professional concept of forward-looking and preventive medicine, and combining with specialists and professionals in the medical field, we will jointly develop medical grade “ PPG/ SpO2/ ECG " The purpose of "smart health bracelet" and related products is to prevent heart related diseases, such as arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, stroke and other diseases through early detection and professional analysis. At the same time, it also constantly promotes innovation and research, so as to become a professional enterprise in this field that is truly recognized by consumers.


Key Technology

  • Internet of Things Bluetooth connected data transmission core technology:
    • Radio. Baseband Agreement. Digital modulation. Frequency hopping. Error control. Communication Protocol Agreement . Security mechanism.
  • Professional algorithmic technology:
    • For preventive medicine research and development, Connect of professional algorithms, according to the sensors, independently develop algorithm programs, in line with customer needs to import AI algorithms, big
    • data statistics, prediction and analysis.
  • Professional data analysis technology:
    • A professional concept of forward-looking and preventive medicine, combined with specialists and professionals in the medical field, to conduct electrocardiograms, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen, temperature, breathing and changes in the movements of the human body. More can be used in wireless remote home security care, a variety of physiological data monitoring, as well as a variety of motion detection, analysis, reminders, warnings.
  • Digital medicine. Digital Education Eco-Chain Product Value Added Application Service Technology:
    • Android and IOS APP Software Value Added Application Service.
    • Base Station-Gateway. Microcell Base Station (Mesh) hardware value - added application services.
  • Systems, platforms: Standardization, modularization, Generalization:
    • HW/SW/FW/MD/APP is standardized in accordance with design for optimal design and optimal competitive cost.
  • Ultra power saving mode design technology:
    • Become a key technology for smart wearable battery life.

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