Smart Wearable/ Digital Medical Solutions

  • Wearable Devices
    Develop "ECG/PPG/SpO2 Smart Health Watch/ Bracelet" and related products for preventive medicine for Internet of Things (IoT) wearable devices. Promote innovative R&D with a view to becoming a truly consumer-recognized professional enterprise in this field.
  • Algorithm Design
    Connect of professional AI algorithms, according to the excellent sensors, independent development of algorithm programs, to achieve applications in different fields, in line with customer needs to import AI algorithms.
  • Big Data Analysis
    Statistics, predictions, and analysis of big data. In the design of system components, the changes of important parts and regions of the human body are sensed. Examples include electrocardiograms, heart rate, oxygen, temperature, blood pressure, sleep, breathing, and changes in the body's subtle movements.
  • Long-Distance Medical
    used in wireless remote home security care, a variety of physiological data monitoring, as well as a variety of motion detection, analysis, reminders, warnings. A professional philosophy of forward-looking and preventive medicine.
  • Combined with Blockchain
    Combined with medical professionals and professionals, promote blockchain electronic medical records. Electronic accounts, jointly promote the integrationof medical data. Co-development of medical-grade "ECG/PPG/SpO2 intelligent health Watch/ bracelet" and related products, the purpose is to prevent heart, sleep-related diseases, such as heart rhythm disorders, respiratory abortment, heavy as myocardial infarction, heart disease, etc. ...